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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Sponsored by Nike...I'm putting kids, in 'check'...
    Listen, bet they ain't ready for this level of disrespect.
    Ready for beef whenever it hits the net
    If their text is a threat? Then this is their litmus test...
    Got these fists, on deck... they gonna down with the ship..
    Washed up, but not enough for the water they're surrounding us with
    Don't give a damn, tell the man he can drown in my piss
    Buried at his family's house, his dad pulling him out of the ditch
    It's frightening how my life's been. Safe to say, it's enlightening
    If they were in my shoes, they'd go whiter than Michael's skin...
    Yeah, saying hi from the other side...
    I put it in her Smucker's pie, n' went so deep, it was stuck inside...
    Dudes be fucking high, if they ain't feeling my shit...
    I make 'em syllables flip - look at what I'm killing them with!
    Word... time to get to brass tacks...
    These rap acts haven't been relevant here, since Kat Stacks
    Man, without further adieu... start the show...
    Business is quiet, hit the plug on the apartment phone...
    Wondering who these young dudes are harping on
    Crying all over the hook as soon as they start the song
    Oh, you're not ready to let go, yet?
    Necro if you step, though, this neck-hold: death
    Get left cold, no strep throat check... I lay out the corpse, n' then...
    It's back to business; they really changed up the board, forum...
    No, stupid, they really changed up the board, for him...
    No respect? I take it in organs, and play it, like an accordion!
    TNT when you see me key - where's the bomb squad?
    On god, every bar is gonna make the don, nod.
    Black Adam out here, feeling like it's amateur night...
    I'm in the camera light, telling 'em, "You can pan to the right"...
    My left hook? Textbook definition of "get cooked"..
    Spicy recipe with complexity to leave death, shook...


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Virbius | Bag Mandela | Celph Taut

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Leave death shook, they see I'm Deus ex n they tense up,
    So iced out you can see how my breath look,
    Blundering wisdom for the love of the mission,
    make light n the colourful prism clutters the vision,
    bun the rig hunting for fission undercutting emissions to maintain a narcissistic facade like government systems,
    I could fuck for a living with the right pharmacist,
    My dick in my pants really on some tardis shit,
    The real Vishnu rolling round with like 8 arms in this,
    I stay melting swastikas off a nazi bitch
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    I'm iLL y'all
    Yes I'm iLL y'all
    I'm iLLer then iLL, ready to kill y'all
    I will ball like Gelo in summer league
    To some degree
    Because I know niggaz is hungry and will come for me
    Then they run when I gun, comfortably
    Me and my son
    Life will go for him the way I hoped it would come to me
    It'll reach him sooner cuz my minds state lunar
    You either the hustler or get hustled as the consumer
    His mom got a phat azz, does the entire 3hr class of Zumba
    When I die it won't be a tumor, that's a tomb bruh
    You're a loser who'll be buried next to Timone and Pumba
    I got a drone carrying victory cigars from Cuba
    If I ever have beef my conversations brief with the shooters
    Usually a signal
    Usually they get you
    Truthfully there's a ritual
    Habitual line steppers get aligned and peppered
    Some of you lying about being protected by the divine shepherd
    I could take my time
    Hardly apply effort and be fine
    Have you heading to Hell
    I be lion
    You be like me, Garfield tho, feline
    Been seen the signs
    Now the way you want to be labeled has been redefined
    I pay you no mind as I proceed to shine

    - iLL
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Writing my rhymes like I’m a mastermind, I’m past the prime of writing punchlines, now I just spit divine rhymes all the time, sounding fine like a shiny dime, I don’t read your lines full of empty lyings, I’m truthful from the root to the fruitful, anything less than the truth from me is a crime, so I design squigly signs on these lines that I combine with ideas from my brilliant mind. Damn.
    I shut my eyes, believe in me and I can conquer anything.

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