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Inducted into Legends on June 7, 2004

Quote Originally Posted by Fgee
'once you've walked a mile in someone elses shoes,only then can you truly see through their eyes'

I flipped some coins to the beggar, and swear his eyes turned the weather
A friendly storm formed as swollen rain changed into sun all together
And all of a sudden i felt at one with this leper
We swapped retinas his tinted by a copper lincoln
1948 in god we trust all covered in a rust of his symptoms
and thus i'd entered his kingdom surrounded by garbage bags and ancient nikes
i tried a pair on and thought i quite like these
they were to small and fitted quite tightly but i couldn't shoe horn them off
And i grew thorns in socks as blood flowed from below my ankles
I saw myself looking thankful that id only been wrangled for cents
That fell into an empty handful of clutched dreams he'd spent
And from the rough seams he dreamt i walked down the street of a pauper
Past the dirty glance of a man and his daughter my feet turned to mortar
Stranded at the heels of society that hardly darted an eye at me
Suffering ever so quietly waging war with rags and an outstretched paw
Locked pockets of lost prophets
Scuffed their heels and wouldnt give a penny for a thought
So i continued to walk and fought the pessimistic ideas on a blank dollar
I'd become a mere statistic with artritic tears and a damp collar
A borrowed clothed horror walking the pavement dressed in the eighties
Poor ever since i could holler 20 years was one in the same lately
I'd time travelled a maybe and ended up stuck in a crack in the tarmac
With a memory that goes so far back i can only remember todays pain
Where a kaleidiscope plays in my brain in a loop of fuzzy black n white
I just hope for a scope of colour to stain and erase the dappled night
So lonely and shackled in fright your look in my iris screams out 'bum'
I cant stand tall to cast a shadow when im seen as the shit from where its come
Holding back expletives balanced on my tongue i glance at my worn soles
Through the torn holes and blisters that bleed foetus' of new born souls
So switch back roles take your penny and any luck it holds
I've come to the end of this road, played your part and I took a step too far
...and just kept on walking

Quote Originally Posted by Nahlidge
Sayings say that "Where ever you lay ur hat is home"
But ever since I was a kid ..
.. I wanted to go out and be on my own
Even tho I wasn't ready I dreamt of the road ahead me
Didn't exactly no what was out there ..
.. So I was left guessing
In depth dreams of freedom, I often believed 'em
Tryna come to terms with a reason ..
.. To tell mom an fa why I had to leave 'em
I could see them from a distance cryin'
But I didn't listen, tryin' to find existance ..
.. In my own story of livin'
I wrote a page a day and that paved the way
But everynight I returned home ..
.. For amazing grace
But they saved a place in the dream world for me
So I could surely go back and visit ..
.. When my legs wouldn't do it for me
Free soaring over the open fields and big waters
Every morning startled outta my dreams ..
.. By a yell from father
But I kept my honor and faith with a plot on my face
That I would leave their guidance eventually ..
.. Even if it was not today
The top of my day came when I was allowed to explore
Out on the lands farthest away from my home ..
.. Close to the door
Of 'there', even tho I didn't know where 'there' was
All by myself, happy and all I could hear was ..
Silence, birds chirping and animals growling
Air brushing against my face ..
.. I escaped my doubting
I ventured there daily, everyday I went one step further
While to all the other boys and girls ..
.. Venturing away from home was unheard of
But they weren't like me, didn't see how I see
.. They loved staying home
While my passion in life was to see roads paved of gold
Out there I was alone, peaceful and uncaring
The vast lands were my own with no need for sharing
In my own dream world where nobody bothered to visit
I knew it so well I could tell what creature was walking ..
.. In the distance if I listened
But if I listened I would be missin' what it feels like
.. To be free
But if I had listened I woulda heard the Toubob creeping
.. Behind me
I heard them too late, they grabbed me tryin' to wrap me in chains
I fought back viciously, to these men who would soon change my name
"You're Toby cuz massa says you is"
.. Fiddler tryna tell me in a foreign sound
But all I can think about is that day I went A Step Too Far
.. And how I'll never be able to turn back around.
Winner - Fgee